Solar Trailers

Since opening in 2000 Solar Power Australia have been involved in some pretty large solar projects, many of which require power in remote area’s. Solar Trailers are a great solution for fast deployment of power where you need it. Our trailers are designed for reliability. If you have a remote site in the middle of Australia that needs power we can provide.

From modified box trailers to full custom designed and built units in house we have the capability to get power where it is needed. 12-48V DC or 240V AC is available. Common usage cases:

  • Communication and Radio Links
  • CCTV
  • Rapid Deployment Emergency Power
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Crib Room’s and Building Sites
  • Electric Gates and Access Automation
  • Entertainment, Market Stalls and Festivals

Some Featured Trailers:

ST-240 Used for a wireless communications network at mine sites throughout Australia. 10m winch up mast, 240W Solar Panel, 4kWh of storage. Many options including full MDG-15 Compliance.

Modified ST-240 Solar Trailer with an extra folding solar panel. This is used for a CCTV system at a port in Melbourne.

1.3kW of Solar with 12kWh of Storage. This heavy duty trailer is used in QLD for mine site’s radio and telemetry equipment.

Dual Axle trailer with custom built enclosure. It includes 1.4kW of Solar with 16kWh of storage and is used for advanced networking and communications hardware at a mine in South Australia.

Custom Trailer built for transportation of an Electric lawn mower. Designed for minimal drag to extend the range when being towed by an Electric Vehicle.

Trailer originally designed for a one off event in Port Douglas to power the broadcast of a Lunar Eclipse in 2012 this was re-purposed for Maitland City Council to use at various events throughout the year powering a sound stage.

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