Commercial Grid Feed Solar Power

Solar Power Australia have over 20 years experience providing cost-effective power solutions to help businesses achieve their financial objectives, whilst making the investment to renewable energy a profitable, easy and enjoyable experience. We offer packaged pre-engineered systems (with full manufacturers warranties) or alternatively we can design a system particular to your requirements.

Installing renewable energy generating capacity to offset your electricity consumption, is a smart business decision in terms of insulating your business from escalating electricity costs and demonstrates your business’s commitment to contributing to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target for the year 2020.

When Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Large-scale Generation Certificates (LRECs), feed-in tariffs, reduced electricity consumption and a reduced carbon footprint for your business are considered together, the business case for installing a renewable energy system is compelling.

Commercial Projects

Allambi Care 60kW System

A great shot of Allambi Care at Charlestown’s new 60kW Solar system we recently installed. Fully funded by the local Community through the Allambi Care Community Solar Project & Pingala.

System Stats:

156 x 385W Sunpower Solar Panels
156 x Enphase Micro Inverters

Wattomolla Remote PV and Battery System
Wattomolla PV and Battery System

Wattamolla beach, lagoon, and picnic area, is part of the Royal National Park, established in 1879 and the second oldest National Park in the world. The popular site can attract up to 8000 people per day in peak periods putting a strain on the national park’s wastewater system requiring up to 90kWh per day. It is difficult to supply such high power demands in a site where trees are protected and solar exposure is limited.

SPA Stepped in to provide a suitable off grid power solution for the site to ensure long term reliability and power to the facility.

System Stats:

60 x Suntellite 320W Solar Modules
3 x Studer Variostring 7kw MPPT Charge Controllers
3 x 4000W Studer XTM Inverter Chargers (Three Phase Output)
48 x Sonnenchein 2600Ah Deep Cycle Batteries

Pet Quarters, Glendale – 50kW Solar System

Pet Quarters at Glendale had a requirement for a commercial scale solar system with the ability to add a battery energy storage system in the future. The Pet Quarters owners were not only looking to reduce their daily electricity consumption, but to also future-proof their site against increasing electricity prices and minimise their environmental impact.

In March 2018 SPA conducted load assessments and site inspections to determine the most suitable and economic solar solution. The available roof space was maximised to install solar modules on tilt frames.

System Stats:

156 x 320W Suntellite Solar Panels
2 x Schneider Conext CL 25kW Inverters

Newcastle City Council – Townson Oval Grandstand, Mitchell Park, Merewether – 20kW Solar System

Beautiful view looking over Merewether from the boom lift after completion of the 20kW Grid Feed Solar System at Mitchell Park. We’re certainly lucky to be involved with Newcastle Council leading the way into a sustainable future.

System Stats:

50 x 400W Sunpower Solar Panels
1 x SMA Tripower 20kW Inverter

Newcastle City Council – No.2 Sports Ground Carport – 45kW Solar System

Newcastle Council has taken the next step towards the future as a smart, sustainable city with the opening of its solar-powered electric vehicle charging hub/ A custom designed carport with the panels providing both the shade and solar energy to assist in the reducing overall running costs and installing our own ELMOFO E-Cell batteries to store the excess energy produced to assist in the charging stations.

System Stats:

123 x Trina 360W Solar Panels
2 x SMA Tripower 25kW Inverters

If you have any questions regarding Commercial Solar PV Systems feel free to call us on 02 4954 3310 or contact us through the website here.