Solar Bore Pumps

Pumping water is one of the most efficient things you can do with solar. Our pumps provide a very compelling alternative to windmills, diesel and even grid power both in terms of cost and installation complexity. We have helped hundreds of customers to get water where they need it using the power of the sun.

How it Works:

Solar panels provide direct power to a pump controller. When the sun is out the pump controller directly drives the bore pump to move water. There are optional sensors within the pump controller to stop pumping if the tank is full or the bore is low. Flow rate will vary depending on conditions, but with available average weather data we are able to accurately predict how much water the pump can move per day.

Batteries can be incorporated if you need water to be pumped at night.

If you would like to explore the options of Solar Bore Pumps feel free to contact us for a quote. Please have available the static head height, pipe diameter, distance to tank and desired L/day so we can provide a suitable solution.

Pricing of our Solar Bore Pumps can also be found on our Solar Online Store.