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If you require further information about our services, drop us an email, or phone during business hours to speak directly to an Engineer or Technician.

Address Solar Power Australia
2 Alhambra Avenue
Cardiff NSW 2285
Postal Address PO Box 627
Cardiff NSW 2285
Telephone 02 4954 3310 (Australia)
02 4954 4965 (Australia)
+61 2 4954 3310 (International)
+61 2 4954 4965 (International)
Office Hours 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday
Email [email protected]
Proprietors Solar Power Australia Pty Ltd
ACN 092 610 752
ABN 14 092 610 752

Industrial and Commercial
Wholesale Supply

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Received Information About Hiring?

Solar Power Australia are not currently hiring staff in the USA or any other country. We are not randomly contacting people to arrange interviews via “Meetup” or any other platform, so if you are receiving invitations for an interview with our company, take care as it is most likely someone using our company name in some form of identity theft scam.

Received an Unwanted Cold Call?

Solar Power Australia does not undertake, support or condone cold-calling.

It is becoming evident that a call centre operating on behalf of another solar company are using our company name to give their call some credibility. It appears that they are also calling people on the DNC (Do Not Call) list.

This is just as frustrating for us as it is for the receivers of these calls, so we would appreciate any assistance in identifying the source of the unsolicited calls.

If you have received such a call, please note any details such as caller’s name, phone number, location, ABN, etc. and contact the Australian Communications and Media Authority to lodge a complaint.